50 random facts

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I thought it would be fun to come up with 50 random facts about me so my readers can get to know me better!

Here it goes..
1. I'm obsessed with scented candles
2. I hate writing with pencils
3. I'm a very indecisive person
4. I LOVE Fall
5. I snore at night
6. I love God
7. I do not hold in my feelings. I will let you know what I am thinking.
8. I'm obsessed with nail polish. I will buy at least one every time I go shopping.
9. I have a nervous habit of puking when I am nervous (gross I know)
10. I am very close with my family
11. I stink at Math
12. I love braids
13. I have bad road rage
14. My favorite color is Pink
15. I am completely obsessed with beauty videos on YouTube
16. The dentist and hospitals completely terrify me
17. I always have a drink of some sort near me
18. I love my job and working with kids
19. I have a very hardy laugh
20. I HATE bugs
21. I am a pretty organized person
22. I love making lists. I have at least 3 lists going at one time.
23. I love upper MI, I want to have a house there some day
24. I love to dance. Family members have caught me in the act numerous times.
25. Not a big fan of a lot of vegetables
26. I love sushi
27. I have 2 dogs a Chihuahua and a Carin Terrier
28. I never wear heels I think they are so uncomfortable
29. I love makeup
30. I love to cook new recipes
31. I have to have a fan on when I am sleeping, just for the noise.
32. I love driving with the windows down and the radio up
33. I've only gotten 1 speeding ticket in my whole life (knock on wood)
34. I'm a night owl I have to force myself to go to bed
35. Not a big fan of sweets
36. My biggest goal in life right now is to become a teacher
37. I'm obsessed with Pinterest
38. I am obsessed  with taking pictures
39. I tend to hold grudges
40. I have a weakness for reality shows like the real housewives
41. I have to lay on my stomach to fall asleep
42. My favorite flowers are sunflowers
43. I wear glasses to see far distances
44. I love country music
45. My favorite meal is breakfast
46. I love the rain
47. I love dressing up
48. I can't sing with a darn
49. I danced tap, jazz, ballet, and performing arts when I was younger
50. I am terrified of clowns...TERRIFIED

Leave me a comment letting me know some facts about you! :)

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