Boho Gold

Friday, September 21, 2012

Today I am linking up with The Nail Files

I'm going to be doing a post next week on my favorite nail polishes for the fall. Before I do that though I wanted to share with you all today one of my top favorites.
It is Maybelline's Color Show in Boho Gold

I think it is such a pretty color for the fall time
& it is a dupe for the Chanel polish in Peridot


It did take about 3 coats to get the desired color that is on my nails. The first coat was very opaque.
But I love it & think its so cute for Fall!

What colors are you loving on your nails for the Fall?


  1. Wow! Does that polish ever look like the Chanel! Great find!! I'm not really a fan of metallics, myself, so the new Fall polishes aren't calling to me but I have enough summer neons to get me through the winter. Haha!

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  3. Ooooh I like the metallic, I really fine to find a light rose-gold metallic for fall.

  4. Great color. I just bought my 1st Color show nailpolish last week. I got a dark blue.