Weekend Update

Monday, September 17, 2012

I hope y'all had a great weekend!
Today I am linking up for the first time for The Weekend Update Blog Hop

Friday I just might of stayed in my pajamas till 5, and didn't even feel bad about it. 
I promise I was being productive though, I did homework all day. bleh.
My sister and I did do a little shopping though.
We went to Ulta and TJMaxx, and did a little bit of damage
Then we came home Eclipse was on TV!

Saturday consisted of more homework all morning. It never ends!
I took a break from hw though and went to my favorite store ever, Target.
My sister & I loved watching Eclipse so much last night that we decided to have a Twilight marathon Saturday night.
We watched Twilight & New Moon.
I haven't watched Twilight in FOREVER it was weird to see Bella so young!

Sunday I didn't do much of anything.
I made halloween cupcakes with my sister.
I know it is way to early but Target sucked me in with all there Halloween stuff out.
Then my mom & I went to Home Goods.
I have been looking for a giant cute coffee mug and finally found one there!
I love it!

Happy Monday :)


  1. i know i'm going to lose cool points for this,,,but i haven't seen any of the twilight movies yet. i know, i'm terrible and way behind the times.

    happy monday!

    1. you still have time to catch up before the last one comes out!

      thanks for stopping by :)

  2. homework, pizza & shopping. sounds awesome!

  3. Love that mug, my sister LOVES skull stuff, she would love that.

  4. I totally stayed in my pj's almost all day saturday. I love days like that!
    I love halloween stuff too. I've been avoiding that section of target for a reason! I know I will definitely do damage.

    1. I had to literally pull myself away! I love target & halloween way to much. those 2 things put together do major damage to my wallet!

  5. I'll be watching Twilight on Nov. 12th, and then New Moon on the 13th - one Twilight movie a day up to the Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 premiere.

  6. I'm not ready to commit to Halloween yet!! haha but do love Halloween decor :)

  7. The ulta beauty in my town is opening Friday...I can't wait! Those cupcakes look really good! I think Target is the devil, I always leave with more then what I needed!!