Get to know me question #1

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I love getting to know the girls behind the blog & thought that this would be a great way for my readers to get to know me better!
I found this idea over on Allie's Blog
I'll be answering one of the questions 1-2x a week
Today Im doing the first question

List 2o random facts about yourself

I have actually done a 50 random facts  post when I first started my blog 
So, I will try and come up with some different ones!

1. I want a tattoo really really bad but am the biggest baby when it comes to pain
2. My favorite color is pink
3. I have to sleep on my stomach in order to fall asleep
4. I snore and according to my family/friends I snore LOUD
5. I worked at Old Navy for 4 years
6. Before I go to bed I have to drink a glass of water. No idea why just have to do it.
7. I have a little beta fish..and she doesn't have a name
8. My room is my favorite place to be
9. I'm obsessed with smelling good
10. I'm also obsessed w/ leopard print
11. I prefer salty over sweet
12. My sister is my best friend
13. I dont really like my name I think it is way to long
14. I moved to GA from MI when I was 13
15. I have naturally curly hair
16. I am 22 years old
17. I am a neat freak. Never used to be but in the last couple years I have become OCD about cleaning.
18. My favorite kind of music is country
19. I am most def not a morning person..or an afternoon person. Im a night person.
20. Coffee does not wake me up



  1. I love this! What a great idea. I'm always wanting to know more about my blogging friends! We have some in common! Numbers 3,4,6,8,15, and 19 :)

  2. i ALWAYS drink water before bed! a habit of mine for as long as i can remember!