Question #4

Monday, October 29, 2012

This weekend was not a fun weekend.
I had some tough family stuff to deal with.
So, no weekend update today.
I wouldn't leave y'all with nothing so here is question #4

List 10 things you would tell your 16 year old self

I was looking at pictures of myself when i was 16
& all I can say is what was i thinking?!
honey, what are you doing!
1. Give your mom a break she loves you & is just trying to help. Instead of being a snotty teenager just respect her & learn to keep your mouth closed.
2. Speaking of keeping your mouth closed. Don't always try and get the last word & be a smart ass.
You don't know everything.
3. Don't always pick fights with your brother. Even though he is younger one day he will be taking care of you.
what is w/ that face?
4. You won't see half the people you go to high school with after graduation
5. Don't run up your cell phone bill. It will cost $500 & guess what you will have to start paying your  bill yourself. 
6. You are NOT a bad ass in your riviera honey
7. Do NOT I repeat NOT get your hair cut short! It will take years to grow back.
8. Don't change anything about yourself to impress a guy. BE YOURSELF.
9. Don't settle! 
10. Wear your retainer! If you don't your teeth will shift & the years of braces will be for nothing! 
Have y'all looked back at the 16 year old you
it is scary amazing to see how much you changed

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  1. I hope this week get better for you! I love these letter posts. I was so shocked on my last orthodontic appointment when the Dr. told me I pretty much had to wear the retainer for the 'rest of my life" so annoying.