Weekend Update-"where's the beach?!"

Monday, October 22, 2012

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm sad it is over. 
My weekend wasn't much of a weekend. I had tons of homework due last night that I worked on all weekend. So it is only Monday and I already can't wait till Friday.
On a good note Taylor Swifts album Red came out today!
I will be listening to it on repeat all day.
Oh, and it feels like summer today it is 79 degrees in GA. 

I kinda had a bad week last week. I found out so did my sister.
So what did we do? 
We stayed in and had some frozen CPK pizza. Which is the BEST frozen pizza ever by the way.
& of course some Ben&Jerry's 
We watched Jersey shore-The episode where Snooki is hammered and can't find the beach will forever be my favorite. I laugh my ass off ever single time.
"Where's the beach?!"

 homework.homework.&more homework
I took a little break though & went to lunch with my sister & we went to Walmart
Y'all I swear every single time I go anywhere that sells nail polish I get at least one.
It's a sickness.
I picked up Revlon Spanish Moss
I am in love.

I was so excited because my mom really wanted to got Charming Charlie & I really wanted to go to
Well we went and let me tell you it was a huge dissapointment.
Every time I go I always get so many accessories.
This time they didn't have anything. 
sad face
We made up for it and got cotton candy dip n dots though 


  1. Oh my gosh, I am OBSESSED with dip-n-dots! Looks like you had a fab weekend :)

  2. Snickers (Snooki) has come a long way from "Where's the beach?" hahaha, that episode always kills me too.

    SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph.com

    1. She has come a very long way! She seems like such a good mom!
      That episode is just way to funny!

  3. oh yumm! Ben&Jerrys! and Dip-N-Dots..my all time childhood favorite!