Weekend Update

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hey Dolls!
I hope everyone had a great weekend
For once I didn't have any homework or anything to do. I didn't know what to do with myself!

Friday I had the whole day off and decided to stay in and enjoy it. It was raining all day so I just stayed home and watched movies. I love having those days where you just stay in your pajamas and don't have to put any make up on.

Saturday I went to Target and Bath & Body Works and spent way to much money. Did y'all know that they already have some of there Christmas scents out. I got 2 Candy Cane Bliss Foaming Soaps that seriously smell soooo good. 
Then, Saturday night I went and saw Taken 2 with my family. If y'all liked Taken you need to see Taken 2 it was just as good if not better then the first one.
After the movie we went to Twisted Taco. None of us have ever been before & it was so cool!
We sat up on the roof and had the best Mexican food of our lives.

Sunday my mom, sister, and I went to target again & to Michaels to buy stuff to decorate pumpkins! We decided to decorate fake pumpkins because we can put them out every year! Then we were going to watch Monster House but that movie is almost 3 hours long & to be honest it kind of looked stupid. So us girls watched RHONJ & the boys watched a football game
I love the way it turned out. I just wish that i got a orange pumpkin instead so you could see the A better. I think I am going to go buy some orange glitter today and make the A orange!

Sorry I don't have more pics from this weekend. My phone died on Saturday even though it said it had 80% battery left.
 I don't understand.

This week all my posts will be Fall themed. So make sure & stop by to check them out!
Happy Monday :)


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  1. I LOVE rainy days because I feel totally justified in being a couch potato!
    We decided not to carve pumpkins this year, but because we grew pumpkins in the garden this year, we are using real ones. Maybe when all the fall stuff goes on clearance I'll pick up some fake ones. I shant be growing pumpkins again next year, they took up WAY too much space, and we only got two pumpkins out of it.