Worst Friend Memory

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Today I am so excited to be linking up with Katie for the 4th day of her Friendship link-up!
The topic today is
Worst Friend Memory

One of my best friends moved to California about 3 years ago now.
We were best friends & coworkers
She wanted to move to California & wanted me to move also.
At first I thought about it and was totally game.
Then the more & more I thought about it I decided it just wasn't the right time for me with school & such
She was bummed to say the least
She ended up moving and her now bf ended up moving with her instead of myself
After she moved I stopped talking to her
She would text me & call me but I just didn't see the point I was here & she was there
Looking back that was such a stupid reason not to talk to her
I did end up calling and apologizing but things will never be the same
I still love her to death & know there are no ill feelings but I feel horrible that I ended a great friendship over location
That experience has taught me so much. Never give up on a friendship just because of location.
Now some of the best friends I have are all over the state 
MI, FL, TN, WI, OH, etc
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  1. I think this was a great link up topic. A true honest one too. I'm sorry to hear that you aren't really friends anymore but sounds like you learned from it :) And I see you have friends in WI. Please feel free to visit! ;)