5 for Five!

Monday, November 26, 2012

I found this cool link up & decided I need to do it
Hopefully, it will keep my accountable for what I need to get done this week!


My 5 goals for the week:
1. Have a new blog post up every day this week
I've been totally slacking & haven't been posting as much as I used to. Work & School have been super busy but things are starting to slow down so hopefully I can start blogging regularly again. 

2. Email my Grandma
This sounds like a super easy thing to do but I haven't done it in a couple weeks! Every time I sit down to do so, I get caught up in other emails.

3. Start studying for finals
I am a total procrastinator. I hate that I'm like that because I end up having mini freak outs since I waited so long to study. This time I want to start studying earlier! 

4. Clean my closet
I have been needing to do this for about 3 weeks now. Its time. 

5. Organize my make up drawers
I don't even know what I have because my little drawers I got from Target are overflowing!
I need some make up storage ideas pronto!
Hopefully I can accomplish all or at least most of these


  1. SUPER excited for you to link up with us fellow northerner gone south! Where in GA are you?! I live here too, that's why I'm asking!!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us this week! You've got some fantastic goals- I seriously need to do some of these, too!

    Have a great week!

    1. I live in Alpharetta! Where do you live?!

      So happy i found y'alls awesome link up :)

    2. HA! I'm in Marietta!! That is so crazy! We've totally got to me up someday!!!!!

  2. School gets in the way of everything! I'll be so glad when Christmas break gets here! And I've been totally procrastinating as well. My research paper is due Next Friday and I only have the introduction finished! EEK! I totally feel you!

    1. I just finished a research paper and totally procrastinated! I had to do it in 2 days! good luck with yours!

  3. Thanks for linking up with us! I hope you have liked it so far, and that you have been super productive this week :) I wish my grandma used email - it would be so much easier to stay in touch with her, and I really should be better about calling her more often. Thanks for the reminder!