Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm trying to figure out something fun I did this weekend and the only "excitement" I can think of is on Friday I took my sister to get her wisdom teeth out. 
Thats it...
Unless you count Thursday night when I went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2
Which was amazing in case you didn't hear..which I'm sure you did if you went on twitter
Other then that I was in hibernation the rest of the weekend. I didn't go out once.
 I napped, painted my nails, napped, ate, watched christmas movies on abc family, and napped some more
Confetti in Just Dancin 
Oh Sunday was even worse then Saturday
I had a total grunge day
I napped, I procrastinated BIG time on writing my paper that was due that night
I napped again and swore that after I would write my paper
Of course that didn't happen thanks a lot pinterest
Finally finished my paper around 8 which I was actually surprised I even finished it that early
And that my friends was my oh so exciting weekend update
Hope I didn't bore you to tears! 


  1. haha sounds like my weekend! I was like "crap" I don't haven anything to even write a "Weekend Update" post. At least you went out and saw twilight though. I am hoping to see that sometime this week :) Pretty nail color, dark red/wines will always be my winter favorite!

  2. I think low-key weekends are the absolute best!

  3. Not leaving my house once is my favorite way to spend a weekend. It hasn't happened often this year, but I did manage to not leave at all on Monday. When I'm at home all weekend, I do my update on what I watched/read/ate/made/cleaned and of COURSE what I did with my nails. hahaha

  4. Such a pretty nail color! Perfect for the holidays!