5 for 2013

Monday, December 31, 2012

The last time I posted something was well over a week ago! Yikes!
I hope everyone had a great Holiday & have a fun and safe NYE.

I cannot believe 2012 is over.
It has been such a great year for me though and I am excited to see what 2013 brings

Since it is the last day of 2012 
I thought I would link up with Jenn & Jessica for 5 for 2013!

1. Take better care of my skin
I know I am only in my 20s but I wanna start while I'm still young.

2. Read 25 books
I really wanna start reading more.
If this is also a goal of yours check out this awesome book swap!

3. Be better at saving money
Why is this so hard to do?!

4. Step out of my comfort zone & try new things!
Even if its something as simple as just trying a new recipe 

5. Get a big girl camera & learn how to use it
I have wanted to get a fancy camera for i don't know how long. 
this is the year it happens!

I hope everyone has a safe&fun NYE!

Christmas Tag!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I was tagged by one of my favorite bloggers and friend Katie over at katers potaters
for this fun Christmas tag! 

Here are the questions Katie gave me to answer:

1. Whats your favorite ornament on your Christmas Tree?
I don't really have a favorite ornament! 

2. Is there a certain food you have to have around Christmas time that comes out?
White Fudge covered Oreos
OMG. so good.


3. Christmas lights, White or Colored?
I love the white! I think its so classic! 

4. Favorite Christmas Movie?
Elf! I can watch it over and over and never get tired of it. 


5. What do you do the day after Christmas?
Usually we are always on the road headed to see family in Michigan

Have fun! Answer the questions and tag five more bloggers! After you've done your post, come back here and leave me a comment with the link to it because I don't wanna miss it! Instruct your tag-ees to do the same for you. Don't forget to link your post back to Raising Reagen

Here are the bloggers I am tagging:
Coley @ Planned Spontaneity
Ricci @ A Beautiful Mess
Allie @ Tales Of A Twenty Something
Jenn @ Party of One
Natalie @ The Spunky Poser

Here are your questions:

Which do you like better: Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Favorite Christmas song?
Does your family have a special holiday recipe you like to help make?
Most memorable Holiday moment?
Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?


5 For Five! (3)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Ladies, I did bad this week.
Let's just see how bad shall we?


Last week:
1. study study study
I did this..to much of this in fact

2. figure out what to get my brother for Christmas

3. Finish city of bones
nope didn't even crack it open

4. Wrap the presents I already have
wrap? no
put in cute christmas bags? yes

5. Sell books from this semester
Ha! like I even wanted to think about this after finals

Alright so maybe I didn't do as bad as I thought!
This week:

1. Finish getting/wrapping all Christmas gifts
I have almost everything but have a few last minute things I need to do. 

2. Make Thank You cards for all the parents & students in my class

3. Go to the eye doctor or at least make an appointment
I have been putting this off for awhile.. and am getting blinder by the day.

4.  Wash my face every single night
I get lazy some nights

5. Clean!
Ever since finals I have been messy


Finally A Weekend Update!

I haven't done a Weekend Update in awhile
My weekends haven't been exciting enough to share!
 This weekend my cousin and her husband came in town because they are going to be moving here in March! I am so excited because other then my immediate family we have no family here.

I went Christmas shopping to try and get some last minute things.
I finally decided on what to get my brother. My mom told me he had been wanting this phone case and my parents hadn't gotten him it yet. Of course I went out the next day & picked it up. I still need to get him one more thing but at least I have something!
Then Friday night we went to dinner with my cousins. It is always so fun to see family!


My sister & I got ready to go look at the apartment my cousin is going to lease and went to lunch.
She doesn't have a Zaxby's where she lives so we wanted her to try it! 
Then we went home and baked and watched Christmas movies
The boys had been out skeet shooting so when they come home they were tired.
We decided to order some pizzas and watch a movie!
We decided on the 12 days of Christmas Eve.
It was also cold enough to have our first fire to!


I grabbed some Starbucks and headed to church
It was really emotional because they talked about the shooting
Speaking of the shooting 
Tomorrow there will be a blogger day of silence. The button will be posted and that is it.
Please try to not to post anything else that day, if possible.

Hope y'all had a great weekend as well :)

I'm back! Sunday Social!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Im back! I feel like I haven't sat down and written a blog post in a hot minute.
Today I am linking up for Sunday Social

Sunday Social

1. What is the wallpaper on your cell phone?

some of my kiddos on santas lap.
they were pretty terrified 
2. What do you keep beside your bed?
chap stick
pillow mist
3. What is your least favorite chore?
vacuuming the stairs! there is just something I absolutely loathe about having to carry the vacuum up each step. There needs to be an easier way! 
4. If you could eliminate one thing from your daily routine, what would it be?
How about just getting out of bed in the first place!
It takes me forever, I hate getting out of bed
5. What do you do to vent anger?
I will call up a friend or a family member and scream and/or cry.
oh, and I like slamming doors to.
something about it just makes me feel better! haha
6. What is your favorite holiday of the year and why?
Christmas! I love this time of year and seeing all my friends and family.
Everyone seems a lot more happier this time of year as well!

Tuesday's Tunes (5)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Linking up with the lovely Leslyn for Tuesday's Tunes

Leslyn's Lovely Life

My favorite song recently has been Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain) by Gary Allen
i love the lyrics

My favorite Christmas song has been Santa Baby by Zooey Deschanel & Leon Redbone
It's also one of my favorite parts in Elf :)


Finals Week..

Monday, December 10, 2012

is here.
 the week every college student dreads. 
If I am a little MIA this week that is why
I cannot wait to be done with the semester. It has gone by so slow.
Good luck to any of you who have finals this week!

5 for five!

This post is super late but I have been taking finals and studying all day!
But, I still wanted to link up for 5 for Five!

Let's see how I did last week:
1. Start studying for finals
I did a little bit. Not as much as I had wanted but hey at least I started!

2. Finish up Christmas shopping
Didn't finish but I finally figured out what I am getting my dad so that makes me feel better!

3. Get organized 
I got my school stuff organized
Blog stuff..not so much

4. Eat breakfast every morning
6/7 not bad!

5.  Clean make up brushes
totally forgot & just didn't end up caring

This weeks goals:

1. study study study

2. figure out what to get my brother for Christmas
If any one has any idea on what to get a 17 year old guy. let me know!

3. Finish City of Bones

4. Wrap the presents I already have

5. Sell books from this semester 

Hope y'all had a great Monday!

Sunday Social!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Social
Happy Sunday lovelies! 

Favorite Holiday Movies/Tv Specials?
I love all the ABC Family Tv Specials like..

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
The year without a Santa Claus
Jack Frost
Do you do any volunteering during the holidays if so what? If not what would you do?
I volunteer at the hospital during a Christmas breakfast for all the employees kids. My sister and I paint faces.

Favorite toy received as a child for the Holidays?
a big barbie house

What was your must have item in high school for the Holidays?
When I was in High School all I wanted was a Coach Purse

Item you begged for the most and never got?
I remember begging my parents for a side kick but never got one

What do you do on Christmas Eve?
On Christmas Eve my family & I go downtown to eat & then take a carriage ride to look at all the lights. Then when we come home we watch Scrooge!

The Nail Files

Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday, I have never been more excited to see you! 
This week has been super busy with finals which is why I have been lacking on posts.
Today I am linking up with Tara & Vicki for The Nail Files

Essie Wheres my Chauffeur & the accent nail is Essie Set in Stones
I think this is my favorite nail combination right now!
Have a great weekend ladies! 

Tuesday's Tunes- Christmas

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I don't know about y'all but I love those sappy Lifetime Christmas movies. 
A week or so ago The Christmas Shoes was on.
I love that movie. I cry every time. 

The song I have been loving this week is called
The Christmas Shoes by NewSong 

The other song I have been loving is 
Drummer Boy by Justin Beiber

Linking up with Leslyn for Tuesday's Tunes

Leslyn's Lovely Life

5 For Five

Monday, December 3, 2012

I hope you ladies had a great weekend!
It was so nice in Georgia over the weekend, it was in the 70s.
I like the warmer weather but its hard to get in the Christmas spirit when your wearing shorts & flip flops
I don't have much of a weekend update because as much as I tried to not have this happen I ended up getting sick.
So i just blogged, went on pinterest, and caught up on youtube videos studied for finals all weekend.
 Today I'm linking up with Jenn & Jessica for 5 for Five! 

Let's see how I did last week!

1. Have a new blog post up every day this week

2. Email my Grandma
I did this on my phone on my lunch break on Tuesday. However, I remembered that I had emailed her before from my phone & she never got it for some reason. I need to email her again from the computer.

3. Start studying for finals
kinda sorta. i sat down and started and 5 min later found myself on twitter or pinterest! 

4. Clean my closet
Didn't even attempt to do this! I was going to do it over the weekend but then I got sick and just wasn't feeling it. Maybe today it will get done who knows. 

5. Organize my make up drawers
I didn't do this either because I decided I am going to wait and buy some new storage before I organize everything. 

This weeks goals:
1. Start studying for finals
I really don't want to stress myself out so I want to start studying now

2. Finish up Christmas shopping
I am usually done with my Christmas shopping by now & the fact that I'm not even close to being done is stressing me out!

3. Get organized
My school & blog stuff is a mess right now. I need to get myself organized pronto. 

4. Eat breakfast every morning
Lately I have been skipping breakfast because I am in a rush to get to work.
By 10am I'm ready for lunch since I skipped breakfast.

5. Clean my make up brushes
Its long over due 

Sunday Social- Holiday Spirit

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Linking up today with Neely & Ashley for Sunday Social

Sunday Social

What is your favorite Holiday season tradition?
I love all our Christmas Eve traditions which you can see here.
I also love going to look at Christmas lights.

Do you have a certain Holiday movie you watch more than others? If so what is it?
Elf. Hands down.
I just watched it last night actually. It was on abc family!

Show us your favorite decoration or pinterest decoration you wish you could have?

                                                                             Source: houzz.com via Donna on Pinterest

Favorite Holiday song?
All I Want For Christmas Is You- Mariah Carey
such a classic

Favorite Holiday dessert?
christmas cookies & peppermint bark

What is on your wish list this year?
 a new camera
& a monogram necklace
oh, and a michael kors watch..a girl can dream :)