5 for 2013

Monday, December 31, 2012

The last time I posted something was well over a week ago! Yikes!
I hope everyone had a great Holiday & have a fun and safe NYE.

I cannot believe 2012 is over.
It has been such a great year for me though and I am excited to see what 2013 brings

Since it is the last day of 2012 
I thought I would link up with Jenn & Jessica for 5 for 2013!

1. Take better care of my skin
I know I am only in my 20s but I wanna start while I'm still young.

2. Read 25 books
I really wanna start reading more.
If this is also a goal of yours check out this awesome book swap!

3. Be better at saving money
Why is this so hard to do?!

4. Step out of my comfort zone & try new things!
Even if its something as simple as just trying a new recipe 

5. Get a big girl camera & learn how to use it
I have wanted to get a fancy camera for i don't know how long. 
this is the year it happens!

I hope everyone has a safe&fun NYE!


  1. Good goals!!!! I can't wait for the book swap!!!

  2. Thanks for linking up with us! I'm so glad that you did! I'm LOVING your goals for this year. I seriously could stand to do ALL of them as well. #1, 3 & 4 are really big priorities for me this year, too! We can do it!

    I'm going to need to check out the book swap, too!

    Thanks for linking up and best of luck on your goals for 2013- you CAN do them all! Happy New Year!