5 For Five

Monday, December 3, 2012

I hope you ladies had a great weekend!
It was so nice in Georgia over the weekend, it was in the 70s.
I like the warmer weather but its hard to get in the Christmas spirit when your wearing shorts & flip flops
I don't have much of a weekend update because as much as I tried to not have this happen I ended up getting sick.
So i just blogged, went on pinterest, and caught up on youtube videos studied for finals all weekend.
 Today I'm linking up with Jenn & Jessica for 5 for Five! 

Let's see how I did last week!

1. Have a new blog post up every day this week

2. Email my Grandma
I did this on my phone on my lunch break on Tuesday. However, I remembered that I had emailed her before from my phone & she never got it for some reason. I need to email her again from the computer.

3. Start studying for finals
kinda sorta. i sat down and started and 5 min later found myself on twitter or pinterest! 

4. Clean my closet
Didn't even attempt to do this! I was going to do it over the weekend but then I got sick and just wasn't feeling it. Maybe today it will get done who knows. 

5. Organize my make up drawers
I didn't do this either because I decided I am going to wait and buy some new storage before I organize everything. 

This weeks goals:
1. Start studying for finals
I really don't want to stress myself out so I want to start studying now

2. Finish up Christmas shopping
I am usually done with my Christmas shopping by now & the fact that I'm not even close to being done is stressing me out!

3. Get organized
My school & blog stuff is a mess right now. I need to get myself organized pronto. 

4. Eat breakfast every morning
Lately I have been skipping breakfast because I am in a rush to get to work.
By 10am I'm ready for lunch since I skipped breakfast.

5. Clean my make up brushes
Its long over due 


  1. Good goals for the week! It's been warmer up here in WI too, 55 today, usually it's 25 and snowing! What do you use to clean your brushes?!

    1. i use johnsons baby shampoo to clean my brushes! i just buy the little one in the travel section.