5 For Five (8)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting to sleep in on a Monday and knowing you have nothing to do today is pure bliss!
Thanks MLK
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 Lets see how I did last week..
1. Start my homework early
I did almost all of it by Thursday!
2. Blog every day this week
I was close I blogged every day except for Wednesday.
In my defense I was sick all week so 4/5 isn't bad!
3. Clean the bathroom
Finished this Tuesday..of course now it needs to be cleaned again
4. Do not take my problems home with me
Well I only went to work a day and a half because I was sick so that was easy
5. Be in the moment
I thought this was going to be harder then it was but it was actually really easy
 This week..
1. At least 30 min of "me" time
During the week I am so busy with work, classes, homework, etc. that at the end of the night I didn't do anything for myself.
2. Clean my make up brushes
I haven't done this in about 2 months. its time.
3. Finish my work assignment
Its not due till March 1st but I just want to get it out of the way.
 4. Eat breakfast
I have been really bad about this lately. Then when I get to work I am starving & have no energy.
5. Get more organized with blog stuff
I've gotten super organized when it comes to all my school stuff. This week I want to concentrate on my blog and get all that stuff organized.
Have a great day lovies :)


  1. Love these goals! Also will you let me know how you clean your make up brushes? I need to clean mine, but I am afraid I am going to ruin them!

    How do ya do it?

    1. I use baby shampoo or you can use dawn dish soap. I put a little in my hand along with some warm water and swirl the brush around till I don't see any more makeup coming out on my hand. then I squeeze the rest of the water out and then lay it flat to dry! I hope that helps :)

  2. LOVE it, i hate cleaning the bathroom. I think you should have a little "me" time everyday, it helps keep ya sane. Ha, i'm so lazy i ordered new makeup brushes today instead of cleaning my old ones. I've had them for about 2 years so i treated myself. I hope you've had a great Monday lovie!

    I mentioned ya on my 5for5 post :)


    1. Just finished cleaning my bathroom! hated every second of it lol
      & not gonna lie when I was out yesterday I was tempted to buy some new make up brushes but told myself to stop being lazy and just clean the ones I have! Mine aren't that old.

      thanks for mentioning me in your post girl! :)