Currently I'm...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Currently I'm..

Drinking: Water & Diet Coke

Loving: this quote

Stressing Over: School and Finals. I am so over all my classes and just want finals to be over with already! two more weeks. TWO MORE WEEKS. I got this.

Listening To: Crash My Party by Luke Bryan. Heard it for the first time yesterday and I am obsessed. How have I not heard this before now!?

Excited About: Summer! I have so many fun vacations coming up that I am looking forward to.

Thankful For: Family. I got to spend a lot of time with them over the weekend and I love them so much. I try and really be in the moment with them. My siblings are graduating next month so everyone will be off doing there own thing come Fall. I will miss seeing them every day. Luckily, I think my sister is staying at home with me!

Refusing To: Start my homework. Blogging is way more fun ;)

Eating: Mexican Food. If I could eat it every single day for every single meal I totally would.


  1. Only two more weeks; you can do it!!

  2. I've got exams right now too, they suck :( But cheer up, you haven't got long to go..
    Anyhoo.. This is a really cool idea for a blog post, mind if I steal? haha ;) (I'll link it back to your post)
    ~ Catriona Louise x
    Sitting Under the Apple Tree ♥