five things

Thursday, April 11, 2013

So, basically today I feel like death. My head feels like a giant balloon and my car is yellow instead of black. I hate you pollen.

Yesterday Charissa (who happens to be one of my sponsors this month so if you don't already know her come back next Tuesday when I introduce her) did a fun tag called the five things you don't know about me. Since I have some new faces around here I thought that I would do it today as well!

one. I want to have a summer cottage in Michigan on the lake someday. & have a boat. I love Michigan in the summer time and spend all the time I can up there during the summer months.

two. I am terrified of the dentist. Even to get my teeth cleaned I make my mom come with me. I have no idea where this fear stems from but I'm a huge baby when it comes to anything dealing with the dentist.

three. photography is a huge passion of mine. I am still learning and don't know all there is to know but  I absolutely love it and hope to learn all I can.

four. I love sushi. I could eat it all day every day.

five. I've realized over the past couple months that I am kind of a neat freak. Everything has a place and if someone comes and puts something where it doesn't belong I cannot function. I blame my mom because she is the exact same way.


  1. I am terrified of the dentist too! Just the thought of going freaks me out...hate it!!!

  2. I love that three and four actually go together! (I'm guessing you took the picture of the sushi, that is.)

    I'm a bit of a neat freak too. I like that though!

  3. I hate when there is crap laying all over my house.

    I also have major dentist hatred and fear.

  4. I love love sushi, I wish I could have it more but my husband doesn't like it :P It's ok to be a neat freak because at least you know where everything is!

  5. I love photography AND sushi! I hope you feel better soon! I get allergies too but more so in my eyes (itchy)!!

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