Organizing Beauty Products

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I've had somewhat of an obsession with organizing lately. There is just something about Spring that makes me want to freshen things up. With that being said I have been spending hours on Pinterest looking for cute ways to organize all my beauty products.

I am linking up with Michelle for Oh, How Pintetesting. 

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On the top of my DIY list are those cute eye/face brush holders. I think they are adorable and I need more brush holders! Instead of using squares I will probably use a used up bath & body works candle jar.

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Y'all know I am obsessed with nail polish.. I have nail polish all over the place. I love the idea of putting my Spring colors in that jar! 
I have been swooning over flowers lately. I want a fake arrangement to put on my desk to brighten the area up a bit!

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I can't decide if I like the makeup seen out on the counter or in drawers. I've had my eye on that exact set of drawers for awhile but not sure if I like everything hidden because then I can't see what I have! 

How do you organize your beauty products?


  1. i use bath and body work candles to hold my makeup brushes! they are perfect! I love the idea of labeling them like that!!

  2. Those are adorable ideas! I don't have enough counter space for all that unfortunately. I just use makeup cases for my nail polish and makeup.

  3. I'm loving your ideas! I've been pinning quite a few 'organizational' ideas lately, too. Especially for my "prepping" area! I'm definitely going to save these's my goal this weekend to get my vanity organized!

  4. I love those ideas!! I might have to go ahead and Pin those. Where did you get those vases that have the 'eyes' and 'face' printed on them? I love those!! I also want to get a glass vase like the ones that have the nail polishes in them. Do you know where I can get that too? LOVE your blog. I'm catching up on all your beauty posts. :)

    1. you can find the eye/face vases at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Any craft store should have them! I've seen the glass vase that has the nail polish in it at Home Goods & TJ Maxx but you could also try Pier One, Michaels, or even the container store. hope this helps :)

      hope you had a good weekend!