My Lazy Weekend Update

Monday, June 17, 2013

I hope everyone had a great weekend! My weekend was pretty relaxing. Which was fine by me because I have been exhausted lately. I don't know why but lately I can't fall asleep till 3-5am. It's really starting to irritate me.

I'm liking up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans!

one. I got my Ipsy bag on Monday & I am loving it!

two. nothing like a Green Tea Lemonade to start your Saturday off

three. spent Sunday on the couch with dad watching the U.S. open. I was so happy Justin Rose won. 

four. fact: this is the best laptop wallpaper ever. 

And because it was Father's Day yesterday here is some throwbacks of my dad and I. The one in the middle in the second row makes me laugh. 

If you saw this post. last Monday I will update you on how I did. Basically, it was a big fat fail. 
I was strict on my diet but didn't exercise at all. I did continue to look for jobs and in my defense I tried calling my Grandma but she never answered! That woman is always busy! 
My goals this week are going to be the exact same as they were this week. Let's see if I can do better. New week = fresh start!

I hope everyone has a great Monday :)

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  1. My ipsy bag arrived today but I'm at work so I haven't seen it yet. I'm pretty excited. And yes that's definitely the best laptop wallpaper ever.