You Don't Know Jacques

Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Friday Loves! 

It has been rainy here in GA allllll week. It's killing my vibe.
The power has gone out almost every day. No power and 19 screaming 4 year olds is not ideal.

I went for a darker color this week probably inspired by all the storms.

The color is You Don't Know Jacques by OPI
Linking up with Jennie for The Nail Files.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. OMG at no power and 19 screaming 4 year olds. I'd take to drink:-)

    I tend toward gray colors when the weather is gloomy, I've noticed. You Don't Know Jacques would totally work.

  2. Nice color! Good luck with the kids!!

    - Toria

  3. I like that color. It's different. I always go for blues, purples, pinks & greens. I need to try some different colors. Sorry about the rain & power outages. Not fun.

  4. Every time I see You Don't Know Jacques on someone else I always end up asking them what they're wearing, because it always stands out to me!! I don't own it myself yet though, strangely. I don't know why because the color is right up my alley!


  5. That's a pretty and classy OPI that I haven't tried. It looks gorgeous on you!

  6. YES!! I love You Don't Know Jacques! It's the perfect brown! And that sucks about the rain. It's been a wet summer for me too; I'm basically as pale as I was in the winter. Haha!