Bath & Body Works Haul

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hi Loves!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend. My weekend consisted of going to the gym and school work. I am pretty proud of myself because on the weekends I have been setting my alarm for 7:30 and getting to the gym by 8. I know that is crazy but if I allow myself to sleep in I will sleep in till noon and then half the day is gone and I am less likely to actually get to the gym.

On Sunday I took a break from studying and headed to Bath & Body Works with my sister. I had a coupon where if you spend $30 you get $10 off. So, of course I had to take advantage.

This is what we made out with:

The soaps were 5 for $15 so my sister and I stocked up for the season. 
I got..
2 Aspen Autumn Day
Apple Harvest
Heirloom Cranberries
Harvest Marmalade 

I cleaned out my car that day so decided to get my car a new "hair clip" as I like to call it. The scents were by 4 get 2 free. I let my sister have the 2 free ones. 
I got..
sweet cinnamon pumpkin
2 Autumn

What is your favorite Fall scent from B&BW?


  1. A few bloggers have posted about their amazing finds at B&B...I haven't been in years, but I may have to treat myself

  2. LOVE BBW!! I love all those scents too. Are they still 5 for 15?? I may need to go in there. I really need some fall scents in my apartment!

    oooh & my 'hair clip' is a peace sign!