Our Engagement Story

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

On April 15, 2016 I got engaged to my best friend.

I decided to let my fiancè tell the story since he was the one who planned it and can tell it best.

His side: Where to begin? After I had decided that I was going to propose and found the perfect ring (that's a story for another time), I kept thinking of different scenarios in my head. I was trying to figure out the perfect way to propose, as every decent potential fiancé should. I kept playing different scenarios over and over in my head and trying to figure out the perfect way so that she would have to say yes. Finally, I decided. I planned. I made arrangements. And the first time didn't work out. Never fear! I decided, again. I planned, again. I made arrangements, again. And...it didn't work out. After things not working out, we were sitting together and watching tv. Then, it hit me. I had the most amazing thought and I knew exactly what I was going to say. I tricked her and told her that my Dad needed me to come to his office, which is in downtown Rome, GA. I asked if she would come with me and thankfully, she said she would. It's important to note that I've been carrying this ring around in my pocket this entire time. So we drive downtown and visit my Dad and I pretend to help him with something. Afterwards, I took us home a different way and I stopped the car at the clock tower in Rome. We got out and I showed her around and the entire time, I'm telling her about how I used to come here when I needed time and a place to think about things. I showed her the view where you can see almost all of Rome. I took her in my arms, looked her in the eye, and told her how much she meant to me. Finally, I said, "The worst day with you is better than the best day without you." Then, I got down on one knee (which left a spot on my pants since it had been raining earlier) and popped the question. At first, she was so surprised that she didn't know what to say, but after she had calmed down...she said yes. And that has been the best, most amazing moment of my life. :)

xo, Alexa